Advanced Search Labs

Advanced Search Laboratories (ASL) is a next generation search engine technology company founded and managed by industry veterans with experience spanning PayPal, Apple, AT&T, Adobe, Travelocity, Macromedia, Autonomy and Disney.

ASL is commercializing what is potentially the first profoundly disruptive technology in the search market since Google in 1998. 

ASL’s patented and patent pending technologies enable unparalleled access to unstructured and heterogeneously structured data, promising revolutionary rather than incremental improvements. These technologies (spanning aspects of artificial intelligence, cognitive load theory and advanced user experience design) enable ASL to provide disruptive search products in a space where there have been no meaningful alternative products for more than 15 years. Moreover, in addition to mass-market search, ASL’s technology is applicable to both B2B and B2C markets utilizing a single proprietary technology tool set.

This is not another natural language enhancement. This is not another “like Google, but with one critical difference.” This is not simply a mobile app, a voice interaction engine, an adaptation to mobile platforms, or a different way to present results. And this fundamentally different technology model provides a rich variety of meaningful alternative user experiences in search on mobile, desktop, or other devices and exploits specific market trends that could determine the evolution of tomorrow’s search market.

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