The Next Generation

The Next Generation: Haley Martin, Elizabeth & Archer Martin, Dolly & Jerry Ledzinski


Our People

The Martin Organization’s greatest treasures are its people, many of whom have served with us in employed or volunteer capacities since long before our official founding. We wish to honor a few of them here.

Gil Amelio
Sharron Angle
Amy Bedsole (Lawrence)
Marco Battistella
Andy Beno
Ken Blackwell
Nancy Bocskor
Chris Brown
Diane Bryhn
Julie Butler
Michael Clerkin
Jason Coleman
Kellyanne Conway
Ken Coon
Jim Czirr
Heather Denigan
Tom Dodd
Dick Dresner
Neal Dunn
Caroline Emanuel
Lance Fairchok
Maureen Foley
Kevin Freeman
June Grayson
Bobby Greenberg
Bruce Guier
John Hallman
John Paul Hammerschmidt
John Mark Huckabee
Tom Hudson
Bryan Hughes
Eric Jackson
David Jeffers
Hank Jones
Paul Liben
Jerry Melvin
Shawn Mitchell
Bob Mottern
Si Nelson
Hugh O’Brian
Richard Poe
Paul Pressler
Will Ricci
Phil Roberts
Warren Robold
Shannon Royce
Evelio Silvera
Lorri Silvera
Brad Smith
Elvin Smith
Nicholas Stehle
Peter Thiel
Steve Thrasher
Peter Traber
Dick Uihlein
Monty Warner
Pam Wehner
Jennifer Wortham

If you think you should be on this list and that we have inadvertently omitted you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In Memoriam

We deeply miss our departed loved ones and fellow servants.

John Acer
Connie Bradley
Jack Mitchell
Tim Pope
Jane Russell