Peter Thiel Peter Thiel
Founder, Clarium Capital Management
First Investor & Board Member, Facebook

“Rod is one of our nation’s leading minds. He possesses a more complete understanding of America than most executives have of their own businesses. He’s smart, original, and very committed—a combination that one rarely finds.”


George Gilder
Founding Father of Supply-Side Economics
Globally Recognized Technology Guru

“Rod Martin is a cornucopian entrepreneur and eutropic thinker whose influence radiates through an array of companies, institutions, movements and churches, combining the insights of information technology with the salvific promise of biotech. A renaissance American, he is also a prolific friend of freedom and faith around the globe.”


George Gilder
Steve Forbes Steve Forbes
President and CEO, Forbes;
Former Presidential Candidate

“Rod Martin is a man who has spent much of his life ministering to and working for the benefit of others. I know Rod as an advocate for freedom, a leader who understands the real changes we need, and who has the drive and ability to make those changes happen.”


Gov. Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas;
Former Presidential Candidate

“Rod Martin is the kind of dynamic leader we need…a man who…has the knowledge, ability and experience to lead [us] successfully in the 21st Century. His vision for America is compelling.”


Gov. Mike Huckabee
Dr. Gil Amelio

Dr. Gil Amelio
Executive Committee, AT&T, Inc.
Former CEO, Apple Computer
Former CEO, National Semiconductor

“Rod is humble yet brilliant, a conservative to his very core and a man of love and compassion. He is not easy to categorize; but with penetrating clarity, he illuminates the world around us, and we are both stirred and enlightened.”


James Pinkerton
Former White House Director of Policy Planning
Fox News Contributor

“The future of technology is the future of America.  Rod Martin sees that future as clearly as anyone, and he also sees how to shape it for the betterment of all. Yet at the same time, Rod is firmly rooted in the traditions of faith and patriotism that have made America great; fidelity to those traditions is, indeed, necessary for the perpetuation of America’s greatness.  Rod is respectful of the past, and mindful of the future — and that’s why he has made, and will make, so many outstanding contributions in so many areas.”


Jim Pinkerton
Dick Dresner Dick Dresner
Celebrated International Political Consultant,
Credited With Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 50-Point Turnaround Re-Election

“Rod Martin is a born leader and an outstanding political mind. Anyone who takes him on is going to have a serious fight on their hands.”


Eric Jackson
Former VP of Marketing,
Author of
The PayPal Wars
Founder and CEO,

“Rod Martin is a man of uncommon vision and character. Ever since I first worked alongside Rod in the early days of PayPal, I’ve been struck by his powerful vision for the future. Rod understands the intersection of technology, politics and culture in a way that few others do.”


Eric Jackson
Grover Norquist Grover Norquist
Founder and President
Americans for Tax Reform

“Rod Martin has been a consistent advocate and a real conservative mover and shaker. He’s not new to this business: he’s got a great history and a great future.”


Hon. John Paul Hammerschmidt
Senior Republican Leader, 1967-1993
U.S. House of Representatives
Longtime Republican National Committee Member

“Rod Martin is simply brilliant. He was one of the best high school and college students Arkansas ever produced.  He held nearly every position of statewide party leadership he could reasonably hold before he was 25.  He worked for me in Washington and for Governor Huckabee as well.  He lives, breathes, embodies the future.  And we should follow him there.”


John Paul Hammerschmidt
Hugh_O'Brian_1964 Hugh O’Brian
Legendary Actor
Founder, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)

I’ve known Rod Martin since he earned a place as one of just 100 student leaders representing more than 40 countries when he was a high school sophomore.  He has lived up to our very highest expectations, both for himself and for the 350,000 students who’ve gone through the HOBY program.  A leader and a servant, in public life and in private, he strides at the top of his profession, and has nowhere to go but up.  He is in the truest sense of the word ‘outstanding’.”


Politics Online 2010
Annual Bipartisan Conference of George Washington
University’s Graduate School of Political Management

“Rod Martin and [former Howard Dean campaign manager] Joe Trippi are America’s two foremost experts on online politics.”


POLC 2010
Joel Belz Joel Belz
Founder, World Magazine
Former Chairman of the Board, Covenant College

“Rod Martin wears with uncommon grace an uncanny ability to link his vigorous faith to the practical challenges of both the business world and the political arena. Yet the respect he shows for others carries a warmth and modesty that are both too rare among those who are strong advocates of feisty positions.”


Dr. Harald Ott
Ott Laboratory for Organ Engineering and Regeneration
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

“Rod Martin is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished thought leaders at the interface of technological innovation and entrepreneurship today.  His ability to actively seek out the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow is paralleled by his immense fund of experience and knowledge, and a kind, patient, generous personality.  Rod is a wonderful mentor, a humble role model, and a deep inspiration for the next generation of scientific innovators and entrepreneurs.”


Harald Ott
Randy Tate Hon. Randy Tate
Former Deputy Whip
U.S. House of Representatives

“America, and especially the conservative movement, badly needs more leaders who really get the future.  We need more Rod Martins.”


Kevin Freeman
Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy
Founder, Freeman Global Investment Counsel
Formerly Managed $2.5 Billion for Sir John Templeton

“Rod Martin is one of those impressive Renaissance types whose genius spans politics, economics, philosophy, technology and history. These are the qualities of a truly visionary entrepreneur. Rod has them in spades.”


Kevin Freeman
Deal Hudson Dr. Deal Hudson
Former Senior White House Advisor
Former Publisher, Crisis Magazine;
Founder, Catholic Advocate

“Rod Martin has a unique combination of personal integrity, economic acumen and entrepreneurship.  Rod is a man to be trusted, and his business foresight is a matter of public record.”


Jane Russell
“40 Most Iconic Movie Goddesses of All Time”, Glamour (UK edition)
Founder, World Adoption International Fund (WAIF)

“Rod’s achievements pale beside his character and his brilliance.  He sees what others can’t.  He leads when others won’t.”


Jane Russell
Wayne Steiger Wayne Steiger
Founder and CEO,

“One cannot but be built up by being around Rod Martin.  It is not just his experience that enriches: he is also a mentor, a wise counselor, a brilliant strategist, a visionary, and a builder. He is one of a precious few souls the world could use far more of. I consider it a great privilege to know Rod, to be in business with him, and to be considered by him a friend”


José González
President, Semilla

“Rod Martin is a modern day philosopher-statesman. He defies simple categorizations: he is a capitalist intellectual, a conservative iconoclast, a gentle adversary and a kind prophet. He inspires us towards a fresh national vision built upon the original founding principles. America needs more husbands, fathers, patriots and leaders like Rod Martin.”


Jose Gonzalez
Buck Johns Buck Johns
Founder & CEO, Inland Energy

“From rural Arkansas to the pinnacle of PayPal, Rod Martin exhibits the finest traits of the global entrepreneur.  He possesses the unique skill sets to identify industry-changing concepts and guide them through to fruition.  One of America’s most brilliant, creative individuals…my friend, Rod Martin.”


Hon. Haley Barbour
Former Governor of Mississippi
Former Republican National Chairman

“My friend Rod Martin brings to politics and government incredible experience and insight, including how to use very advanced technology to motivate huge groups of people on an everyday basis. And his goal in doing so is simply to allow America to remain a shining city on a hill, to which the world can look for the system of government that allows the maximum number of people to derive the maximum prosperity and freedom from their endeavors.”


Haley Barbour
Dr. Ted Baehr Dr. Ted Baehr
Publisher, MOVIEGUIDE®
Chairman, Christian Film and Television Commission

“Rod Martin is not only effective and efficient, but he is also perceptive, wise and gracious. He gets things done. He is a great friend and a great ally.”


Dr. Tom Ascol
Executive Director, Founders Ministries,
Southern Baptist Convention

“Rod is one of the sharpest, most gracious men I know, and one of the most gifted political thinkers on the scene today. His ability to analyze issues and communicate thoughtful insights on them have earned him the respect of people across the political spectrum.”


Dr. Tom Ascol
Edward Teller Dr. Edward Teller
Father of the H-Bomb

“Rod is one of America’s finest young minds.”


Hon. Paul Pressler
Retired Justice, Texas Court of Appeals
Past President, Council for National Policy
Chief Architect of the Conservative Resurgence in the
Southern Baptist Convention

“I am proud to have been Rod Martin’s friend for a quarter century, and I can tell you that he is one of the finest men and most outstanding leaders in our church and in our country today.  He has a knack for turning everything he touches to success.”


Judge Paul Pressler