Know before you go. Globally.

Navigo is an all-in-one Risk OS that helps organizations expose risk before it happens, and manage it when it does.

Millions of tourists, businessmen, world travelers, aid workers and expats are trekking across the globe right now. Many are in unstable regions where war, public health issues and terrorism are commonplace. What's more, these travelers are being targeted more than ever by criminals and terrorists. The available methods they use to protect themselves leave much to be desired.

Navigo supports travelers and other workers, even in some of the most remote regions, by providing new and innovative tools to 1) rapidly inform them of risks, 2) help them quickly understand and assess, 3) communicate with each other and their supporting organizations, and 4) acquire insurance and evacuation services in the event of an emergency.

Thousands of hours of field testing in countries around the world prove that Navigo is a traveler's most essential companion: robust, secure, reliable, affordable. You won't want to leave home without Navigo.