Digital Marketing Agency Punch & Pie Joins The Martin Organization Portfolio of Companies




Digital Marketing Agency Punch & Pie Joins The Martin Organization Portfolio of Companies

August 12, 2017

DESTIN, FLORIDA – The Martin Organization announced its acquisition of digital marketing agency Punch & Pie.

Punch & Pie is a growth marketing agency that provides enterprise-level strategy and quantifiable results. Particularly focused on helping businesses acquire, engage & convert targeted leads to create predictable & profitable growth, the agency has an extensive client portfolio that ranges from individual executives to start-ups, nonprofits and publicly traded companies. 

“Over several years we’ve created a tremendous working relationship with The Martin Organization, and it has always been a real privilege to be able to work alongside their companies and causes,” stated Evelio Silvera, President of Punch & Pie. “We are honored to have the opportunity now to actually join The Martin Organization family.”

The Martin Organization was founded by technology entrepreneur, “philosopher capitalist” and hedge fund manager Rod D. Martin in 2012. The principal focus of The Martin Organization is the creation and funding of leading-edge technology ventures: applying science to human lives so as to multiply knowledge, relieve suffering, push back poverty, and create a better future. In addition to its for-profit ventures, The Martin Organization is also heavily involved in a variety of similarly-focused charitable endeavors.

Punch & Pie began its relationship with the Martin Organization by providing digital platform creation and management as well as messaging and communications consulting for several affiliated companies and charities. 

“The old Remington ad used to say, ‘I was so impressed I bought the company,’” Mr. Martin said. “We have been thoroughly impressed by Evelio Silvera, not just in the quality of his agency’s work, but in his focus, integrity and vision. As we expand into new markets and launch new initiatives, we’ve given a lot of consideration to creating our own in-house solution for our marketing and messaging needs. Punch & Pie gives us that, but also provides us another highly successful profit center; and we believe we can add a lot of expertise to Punch & Pie as well.

“It’s the right deal at the right time for all involved.”


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