Training Financial Advisors in the Principles of
LSV (Liberty, Security, Values) Investing

The National Security Investment Consultant Institute (NSIC) equips and certifies investment advisors in LSV (Liberty, Security, Values) Investing.

While some investors intentionally seek out so-called ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investments, studies show that the vast majority of Americans not only do not want their money harnessed to leftist political causes in this way, they don't even realize that it's happening.

Most Americans care about America: freedom, national security, traditional values. Most of them prefer that their money advance those beliefs. And unlike the activists promoting ESG, most of them believe that ROI counts.

The NSIC Institute is led by Kevin Freeman, America's foremost expert on economic warfare and financial terrorism, New York Times bestselling author and host of Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman.

Your money should advance what you believe in, starting with your own family's future. The NSIC Institute trains and certifies your investment advisors to help you achieve exactly that. Ask your advisor to obtain NSIC certification today.

Rod D. Martin serves on the board of directors of the NSIC Institute and is a member of its faculty.

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