We Aspire To Create A Future Wherein Peaceful Entrepreneurship & Intrepid Wonder Carve New And Better Worlds Out Of Wilderness

The Martin Organization combines all of the business and financial ventures of technology entrepreneur and “philosopher capitalist”* Rod D. Martin, his family and his partners, with the charitable, educational, political and cultural initiatives which round out the purpose and meaning of the whole.

We deliberately stress that last bit, not to exclude anyone, but rather because we see life not as business and personal but as an integrated whole.  We believe that innovation is not simply about someone’s bottom line, but about the lives it lifts from poverty and ignorance; that great businesses both assume and teach great responsibility, a virtue that cannot help but elevate every individual and all of mankind; that profit makes charity possible, but that the most sustainable and effective charity is almost always the dignity of a meaningful job.  We remember our Founder’s 11th great grandfather Thomas Graves, an original investor in the Virginia Company, Jamestown settler and founding member of the House of Burgesses (America’s first elected legislature), and aspire to help create a future wherein peaceful entrepreneurship and intrepid wonder carve new and better worlds out of wilderness.  We seek to live as Christians, putting our neighbors before ourselves, and as Americans, the heirs of humankind’s greatest experiment in liberty.

For these reasons, The Martin Organization’s mission is to glorify Christ and spread His Gospel of redemption and adoption to all people throughout all Creation; to burst through the boundaries of science, technology and space to revolutionize human life, pushing back the curse of ignorance and want; to champion the exceptionalism of the American Idea and the genius of its Founders, that liberty may not perish from the Earth; and to build outstanding business enterprises committed to these principles, to delivering exceptional value for customers and shareholders alike, and to raising up apprentices who will go and do likewise through all the ages.