Gleaning From Our Rich Heritage
To Inspire The Next Generation

The Martin family is very blessed to have descended from many who dared and sacrificed greatly for the future and for freedom. We honor that heritage of entrepreneurship, service to Christ and country, innovative spirit and intrepid wonder, and hope to exemplify it for generations to come.

We here particularly honor two of our own, Rod D. Martin’s fifth great-grandfather Joseph Martin and eleventh great-grandfather Thomas Graves, key figures in the founding of America. We hope you’ll take time to learn more about them. 


General Joseph Martin

An American Founding Father, Explorer, Diplomat, Solider and Statesman.

General Joseph Martin (September 18, 1740 – December 18, 1808), Rod D. Martin‘s fifth great grandfather, was an American Founding Father, explorer, diplomat, military leader and statesman at the end of the Colonial period and during and after the American Revolution.  With colleague Daniel Boone, Martin opened the West to settlement; later, his diplomacy made possible America’s victories at Kings Mountain, Cowpens and Yorktown; and his statesmanship helped North Carolina ratify the U.S. Constitution, bringing that hold-out state into the union.

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Thomas Graves houseofburgesses2-1-e1419129751897

Captain Thomas Graves

An Original Investor In and Settler of the Virginia Colony

Captain Thomas Graves (c. 1580-1635), Rod D. Martin’s eleventh great grandfather, was an original investor (“Adventurer”) in the Virginia Company, one of the earliest settlers (“Planters” or in more recent times “Ancient Planters”) at Jamestown, England’s first permanent colony in what was to become the United States. He was also a founding member of the first freely elected parliament in the New World, the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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