Rod & Sherri Martin Announce Creation Of The Martin Foundation




Rod & Sherri Martin Announce Creation Of The Martin Foundation

October 25, 2016

DESTIN, FLORIDA – This St. Crispin’s Day, October 25, 2016, Rod and Sherri Martin announced the launch of The Martin Foundation, naming its first and founding President, their youngest child, Haley Elizabeth Martin.

With lead gifts from the Martin family and from several corporations, The Martin Foundation is intended to become the centerpiece of the Martin family’s charitable and philanthropic projects.

Haley Martin is an accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman, a longtime political and prolife activist, and a member of the Council for National Policy. She will lead the Foundation day-to-day, and implement the family’s vision for its work.

The purpose of The Martin Foundation is to serve as the principle charitable arm of The Martin Organization, to advance Christ’s kingdom and to relieve human suffering “far as the Curse is found.” Key early goals include support for widows and orphans, as well as efforts in support of the Southern Baptist Convention’s evangelistic ministries, though these by no means bound the extent of the foundation’s vision.

“For quite some time now,” said Rod D. Martin, “we have been planning for the day when we could announce a key step in our overall plans. That day is here.

“We hope to build more than a family business. We mean to create a family legacy. We are proud of our forebears, who loved our Lord Jesus Christ, who braved ocean and wilderness, overcame famine and triumphed in war, helped found Virginia and later the United States, and were instrumental not only in the creation but the defense and the expansion of free governments in a free nation of free people. They have set us an extraordinary example. It is our duty not only to live up to it, if such is possible, but to pass it on. And if we are able, we should do all in our power to improve upon it, that coming generations yet unborn will look to us for example and inspiration.

“Today we take another step in that journey, together.”


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